VIS/IR Colors for TNOs down to 10 km from joint JWST+HST deep imaging
Session 10.04 Spectroscopy
Thursday 06-27 | 14:50 - 15:10

We conducted a joint observational survey with the JWST Cycle 1 program 1568 and HST Cycle 29 program 16720 to measure the size and color distribution of cold classical TNOs, aiming to better understand the formation and dynamics of the outer Solar System. We utilized JWST's NIRCam/F150W2 to image a 0.05 deg2 field, anticipating the discovery of approximately 30 TNOs with diameters as small as 10 km. In parallel, HST's WFC3/F350LP and ACS/F814W observed the same fields anticipating measuring the colors of at least 15 TNOs.

Our observations included the known TNO 2015 GK56. This object appears in both our JWST and HST data and will serve as a useful testbed for our detection routines. Our presentation will include photometric analysis of GK56, alongside properties of any additional intriguing objects discovered. This study underscores the potential of our approach to yield significant insights into TNO properties.

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