The Large Inclination Distant Objects (LiDO) Survey; Characterization, tracking and classification
Session 4.08 Surveys
Tuesday 06-25 | 14:50 - 15:10

The Large inclination Distant Objects (LiDO) survey targeted 34 sq. deg. centered 15 degrees off the ecliptic, in order to prioritize detection of moderate-to-high inclination TNOs. Objects were discovered in 2020B and 2021A using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), in a similar manner to previous TNO surveys on that telescope. The wide-band gri band was used to maximize depth, reaching as deep as mgri=25.6 for some fields. 148 objects were detected; most were TNOs (including 20 in the 3:2 resonance and 8 in the 5:2 resonance), three were Neptunian Trojans, and a few were Centaurs that were subsequently lost due to their higher rate of motion. All objects detected have inclinations of at least 14.2 degrees. Subsequent to discovery, nearly all objects were tracked for 3 years, in order to obtain high quality orbits with uncertainties small enough for confident classification of resonant TNOs. The vast majority of the TNOs detected by LiDO are secure in their dynamical classification. Here, we present a survey characterization status, results from the careful tracking process and discussions of the object classification.

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